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Complete Review of SawStop Table Saws and Accessories

SawStop commercial, industrial and hobbyist table saws and woodworking equipment reviewed.

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SawStop burst onto the scene with their patented table saw safety technology. Quickly redefining what safety means in the woodworking industry.

Instead of licensing out their technology to competitors, they chose to create a complete lineup of table saws ranging from the mobile jobsite saw with 1.5 horsepower to the 7.5 horsepower industrial cabinet saw with a 52″ fence and router table attachment.

SawStop Table Saw Reviews & Options

SawStop saws are available in several sized to fit both the cabinet manufacturing facility and the contractor on the go who want to keep all of their fingers intact.

Some of the factors that you should take into account when looking at the SawStop saws are:

  • Do you need a router table
  • How much rip capacity do you need
  • Dust removal compatability
  • How much power do you need
  • Do you need your saw to move from jobsite to jobsite with you


The larger three models are available in different horsepower and rip capacity options. You could also look at adding accessories such as dust removal, an outfeed or infeed table and a crosscut table to any of the larger saw options.


SawStop Pros

The most obvious benefit SawStop has over their competitors is their impressive, patented safety features.

If you have been in the woodworking industry for any amount of time, you are not doubt familiar with SawStops locking mechanism and can see how it may save you and your colleagues your fingers.

If you represent a high school, woodworking school or other DIY facility, paying a bit more for the SawStop saw is highly recommended as the safety features are much more likely to save someone’s hands and save you a lawsuit. 

SawStop Cons

While the products are exceptional, they are also expensive. This cost is no doubt warranted based on the safety features alone. While the price point may be daunting to the newcomer, you may just be saving yourself a serious injury and a sizable hospital bill.

In addition to the substantial cost, the SawStop team can be a bit rigid and difficult to deal with according to some reports.

What's The Verdict?


Although they are far from the cheapest option when it comes to woodworking equipment, we believe SawStop’s safety features, customer support and dealer network makes their saws a strong buy.

SawStop Jobsite Saw Review


All of the SawStop safety features in a compact, portable, 1.5 horsepower frame.

Note: fewer accessories and options are available for this model.

SawStop Contractor/Hybrid Saw Review


Available with:

  • 30″ – 52″ Rip Capacity
  • Only 1.75  Horsepower

SawStop Professional Saw Review

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Available with:

  • 30″ – 52″ Rip Capacity
  • Premium fence system available
  • 1.75 – 3 Horsepower
  • 120 and 220 Volt
  • The vast majority of SawStop’s attachments (including mobile base) are compatible with this model

SawStop Industrial/Cabinet Saw Review


Available with:

  • 36″ – 52″ Rip Capacity
  • Premium fence system available
  • 3 – 7.5 Horsepower
  • 220 and 480 Volt
  • The vast majority of SawStop’s attachments (including mobile base) are compatible with this model

SawStop Warranty

While the vast majority of tradesman are thrilled with their saw for decades, any time you buy a product worth thousands of dollars, you want to make sure that the manufacturer stands behind their product.

In the case of SawStop, they warranty their smaller saws (the contractor and jobsite saws) for One year from the date of purchase. Thier hybrid saw (Professional level saw) is warrantied for Two years and the industrial (cabinet saw) is warrantied for Two years and the motor is warrantied for Five years.

You can read more about their warranty here.

SawStop Dealers

Like most woodworking manufacturers, SawStop works through a dealer network of both brick and mortar equipment stores and online retailers.

Sawstop enforces “minimum advertised pricing” to avoid retailers undercutting one another on price. Because of this, most retailers will sell the product for around the same price point.

We recommend purchasing your SawStop product from https://usasupplyspot.com as their knowledge, pricing and service is unmatched in the industry.

SawStop Accessories

SawStop has elected to build their business entirely around table saws and table saw accessories. This is unique when compared to companies like Laguna, Jet, Powermatic and Baileigh who all provide a full range of saws and CNC machines, some of which even provide a full range of metalworking equipment.

Because SawStop has focused solely on table saws, you can be assured that their engineering team has not overlooked any component on the saw. In addition, they have a complete lineup of accessories for their saws.

Here is a sample of the table saw attachments and options that they offer:

Extension Table


Mobile Base


Outfeed Table


Dust Collection Guard


Outfeed Table


Dust Collection Guard


Sliding Table


CrossCut Table


See SawStop's Patented Safety In Action