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Complete Jet Tools Review Company & Product Overview

Jet Tools commercial and industrial level woodworking and metalworking equipment, service and warranties reviewed.


Jet Tools offers quality tools and is considered one of the top names in commercial and professional level equipment. They have various woodworking, metalworking, lifting systems, air tools and other various equipment for sale. 

On their website everything is categorized so you will have no problem finding what you’re looking for, whether that’s a new lathe, bandsaw, dust collector, drill press, table saw, planers, jointers, sanders and many, many more machines to choose from.

Jet Tools Table Saw Lineup and Reviews

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jet saw
deluxe xacta 3hp 30

Jet table saws are among the most popular saws on the market. With these table saws in your workshop you are ready to get serious. Depending on what kind of work you do these table saws go from JET B3NCH series to the JET XACT and all the way up to JET ProShop. They have a little bit of everything for everyone, from amateur to professional. You can check our detailed Jet table saw review here.

JET offers a wide range of choices for their table saw lineup and they can go as low as $1000 all the way to 3k to even 4k. It all depends on what kind of features you’re looking for and what kind of work you’ll be doing.

JET Tools Dust Collector Lineup and Reviews

JET DC 1100Vx 5m
JET JCDC02 Cyclone

The Jet dust collector line helps keep the air in your shop clean and most importantly keep you safe while you’re working on your project. They have some very exclusive technologies which make them the leader in single-stage dust collection units since they have the ability to capture particles as small as 2 microns. 

This lineup has dust collectors which are from 1 to 3 hp, feature one to three outlets, and most importantly features quality air filtration the maximum being 2 microns. You can check out the most recent JET Tool dust collector review here. 

JET Band Saw Lineup and Reviews


JET Band Saws offer a full range of power, portability and functionality at a very competitive price. They offer you the ability to make the best cuts that you’ll ever make. You can check out our detailed Jet Bandsaw review here. 

In this lineup they offer a high level of horsepower, accuracy and a high degree of adjustability. All of this comes in this nice package which is quite affordable. They range from 10″ to 20″, go as low as 1hp all the way to 5hp and all of them have what every good bandsaw should have which is great capacity and great power. They have a lot of resaw capacities and some even have enhanced features such as Triangular Stability Control. 

Laguna's Wood Lathe Lineup and Reviews

JET JWL 1050

The JET wood lathe’s have a good reputation and are considered quite reliable. They need to be if you’d want to finish your woodturning project successfully.  

With the JET Lathe you’ll be able to take your turning projects to the next level with their highly capable lineup. All of their lineup is build with cast iron which is perfect for stability and it limits vibration. Each Jet Lathe is available with variable speed and a positive locking indexing which is able to handle anything you’d throw at it. 

The JET Lathe lineup has a few options that you can choose from with the smallest being a 10″ x 15″ Wood Lathe all the way up to 18″ x 40″ Wood Lathe. It depends on your preference, what kind of projects you plan to be working on, and of course your budget. You can check out the most recent JET Tool dust collector review here.  

JET Tools Pros

When deciding which brand is considered good we need to look at a few factors. JET tools offers power tools at a low and very competitive price and because of that some people think that if something is cheap, it’s not good. So far, the JET lineup has had little to no problems with their tools, unlike most other brands which constantly have issues with their machines. 

They offer a cost effective way to acquire your desired machine which you probably need for your workshop. The tool that you receive will be reliable, it will last and considering their price range, it will be worth it. 

Their power tools have great features built in and perform on a solid level, even when they are used frequently.

JET tools offers a wide range of tools which are properly sorted into categories which offer you an easy way to browse and find what you’re looking for. 

JET Tools Cons

Surprisingly JET tools have shown very little problems, unlike other brands for power tools. The line of tools they have can be considered as older models since they haven’t really release anything new in quite a while. 

They don’t have any features which are “game changing” and something which can help them stand out from the competition. They offer machines which will get the job done but they are far from “THE Best” on the market.

They seem to be taking the cost effective approach on the market, selling power tools at a cheaper price but because of it some of the quality can suffer and some tools won’t last as long as a competitors machine would.

JET Tools Verdict


We have tried a lot of JET power tools and almost all performed great. They were offered at a very cost effective price, beating most brands by a huge margin. The features on some models were limited but will it get the job done without them? Absolutely. If you’re looking for something fancy, JET tools do not offer it but if you’re looking for something reliable, cheap and powerful, they have you covered.

The lack of features and new machines on the market are keeping JET Tools from being a 5/5 star manufacturer. 

JET Tools Warranty

JET tools offers warranty for their products to as low as 90 days all the way to a limited lifetime warranty. They have a dedicated phone for technical service which works every day from Monday to Friday. 

The general period lasts for the time which is specified in the product literature and you can find the warranty period on the official JET-branded website. 

  •  Every JET product has a limited warranty which varies in total duration and is based on the product itself. Accessories have a limited warranty of up to one year from the date of receipt
  • Consumable items are marked as expendable parts and / or accessories and since they are expected to stop working and be usable after a reasonably short period they have a 90 day limited warranty which covers only manufacturer’s defects and not ones which were caused by the user.
Keep in mind that the warranty for the product is only accepted for the initial purchaser so if you got a second hand machine warranty will not be available. 


The official JET tools statement on what a warranty covers:

This warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials subject to the limitations stated below. This warranty does not cover failures due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents, normal wear-and-tear, improper repair, alterations or lack of maintenance.”

JET Tools Customer Service

JET Tools have a very positive reputation when it comes to maintenance and repair. Most of their tools rarely have problems and when they do their customer care service is on point.

Their website shows that they truly believe in their products and they are ready to stand behind their work. They provided limited warranty for their power tools and accessories which goes from as low as 90 days for items which are marked consumable and can go all the way to 5 year and even limited lifetime warranty for some products in the woodworking, machinery category. 

They also provide a dedicated customer relations phone number, distributor hotline and technical service. These numbers seem to be available only during work days from Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 5 pm.

customer service JET

Where Are JET Tools Manufactured?

According to some sources the headquarters is located in La Vergne, Tennessee where JPW Industries Inc. manufactures and markets a wide range of tools under the JET brand. They also make Powermatic, Wilton, Edwards and Promac tools. This is their US based headquarters and they also have operations in Germany, Russia, France, Taiwan, Chine and Switzerland. 

All of the machines are sold exclusively through a vast network of distributor partners worldwide. 

JPW as a name along with the entire management and operations plans to stay in the place which they are currently in. They have no plans to move all their operations, warehouse, parts support, customer service and even technical service outside LaVergne, Tennessee and Albert Lea, Minnesota. They got settled in these locations and they plan to stay there. 

JET Tools History

JET Tools are owned by JPW Industries and they are committed to being a supplied that you can depend on From their website we can see that JET Equipment was born in 1958 when it’s founder Leslie P. Sussman took the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, WA to Japan. 

This company began its journey as a small dealer of manual chain hoists and trolleys. They had only one store in Tacoma, Washington and over the years JET has carried everything from electric chain hoists, to air hoists. In the year 70s, business was good and because of that they introduced a full line of industrial air tools and material handling products such as paving breakers and backfill tampers and even forklifts. 

As the years went by JET only grew and in the 80s metalworking products became the core business line. With this success they also launched a woodworking product category, only 5 years after the initial launch. They were pioneers in the import business because they were working with overseas partners and suppliers. They are very proud to admit that they’re still working with one of their original suppliers. 

In the 90s JET became much more than just an importer of high quality machines, they began making them. They have a team of very skilled engineers inside the USA and overseas and they have a world-class supply chain which ensures prompt delivery of quality products.  

Their colors have changed from blue, to green, orange and finally they chose white which is the color you see on their products. The product lines have grown and the distribution centers have only expanded. Much has changed in the company and they pride themselves to bringing products to their consumers and working with world class distributors. 

JET Tools Dealers (online vs. local dealers)

JET is among the largest names in the woodworking and metalworking industry.  They have a robust network of dealers both online and with physical warehouses.

Local Dealers & Lumber Yards

Local dealers and lumber yards provide the option to purchase a certain tool on the spot but the problem is they usually do not have your desired model, forcing you to pick something which has less features than you’d need or something which costs way more and has features that you don’t need currently. These dealers make their money this way and usually don’t sell “cheaper” items because of the lack of profit that they stand to make. Shipping is also an issue here because if you’re interested only in one specific model they will order it from JET for you but shipping will have to be paid, by you.

Depending on the size of the equipment and where you live  shipping can cost $100 up to $350. This depends on a lot of factors but usually the price is around that point. The bigger the machine, such as CNC machines or industrial sized ones, the cost will be even more. Local dealers rarely have these in stock and only deal in ones which can turn a quick profit. 

Online Woodworking Dealers

There are certain benefits that come to using an online JET tools dealer. You will likely get the product much sooner and 95% of the time it’s in stock and available for shipping. Usually, these dealers also have cheaper prices and certain benefits like free shipping on some items. 

There are three dealers that we know will do a great job, and those are USA Supply, Rockler and Woodcraft. While Rockler and Woodcraft may be household names for most woodworkers, USA Supply is a small business that offers better pricing on equipment than the others with outstanding customer support.