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I hope to help other craftsman to find patterns, tutorials and product reviews

Like you, I am a hobbyist. I do leatherwork and woodwork and am familiar with all of the joys, frustrations and angers that plague the average tradesman.

My goal in creating this blog is to share my experience with various tools and equipment as well as share tutorials and tips for some woodworking projects I plan on embarking on or have completed in the past. It is my sincere hope that you will find my experiences and thoughts useful regardless if you are a newcomer to the hobby or you run a large millworking or cabinet business.

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Are you around?

Although it seems like the majority of my fellow metalworkers and woodworkers are somewhere in the middle of the country, I’d love to get in touch with other craftsman, hobbyists and professional wood and metalworkers in Southern California. If that is you, please feel free to reach out.


Are you a hobby or professional woodworker looking to share your positive (or negative) experiences? Feel free to get in touch and I’ll see if we can accommodate you.