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Product Reviews

Bandsaw, Table Saw, Drill Press and Other Product Reviews & Buyers Guides

I review some of the most popular brands in woodworking and some of the most important pieces of machinery you will ever buy. When reviewing tools, my hope is that I make the review simple enough for newcomers to woodworking to have a thorough understanding of what they are buying and sophisticated enough for veteran cabinet makers, contractors and woodworkers to be able to benefit by seeing which brand has the most power, best dust collection and fanciest features.

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Best Jigsaw

Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Review of the Best Jigsaws On The Market For many woodworkers, a jigsaw is one of your first tools. It will

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Best Drill Press

Complete Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews of the Best Drill Presses On The Market Upgrading to a drill press will not just make your drilling

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Woodworking Manufacturer Reviews

If you are a newcomer to woodworking and you want to take these pricey pieces of equipment for a test drive before getting married? I hope you’ll be able to find my manufacturer and equipment reviews helpful. I write these reviews in hopes of giving candid feedback on the saws, dust collectors, routers, drill presses and more.

Selecting your first commercial equipment piece is a big decision. Many woodworkers will find a brand that they just love and then they end up picking all of the subsequent pieces of equipment from that same manufacturer. As I review these companies and tools, know that NONE of the manufacturers have paid me a dime and my endorsement is not for sale.

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SawStop Review

Complete Review of SawStop Table Saws and Accessories SawStop commercial, industrial and hobbyist table saws and woodworking equipment reviewed. SawStop burst onto the scene with

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Laguna Tools Review

Complete Laguna Tools Review Company & Product Overview Laguna Tools commercial and industrial level woodworking and metalworking equipment, service and warranties reviewed. Laguna Tools is

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Woodworking Projects & Tips

My newest section is a project ideas, tips and tricks section. I hope that I’ll be able to share with the woodworking community what my experience has been with various projects. What wood projects are a fit for newbies, what equipment will you need for each and if you are looking to do home improvement, what can you do yourself and what do you need a contractor for.